Do what you love,
and you will
find your passion

Do what you love,
and you will find your passion.

Our guest house is an atelier where you can stay.
A place where you can do whatever you want,
like a child innocently painting on a blank canvas.
A place where you as an adult can rest and become yourself.

About Waon

Frequently asked questions

We have compiled previous inquiries to Waon in a Q&A format.
Please refer to it during your stay.


Because the staff are enjoying it
you can enjoy it as well

Meet the Staff

For cross-border encounters

L’Atelier Waon is open to people visiting Japan from overseas. People who reside in Japan but do not speak Japanese are also welcome.
You don’t have to speak English. Just smile and say hello! Communication will start from there. We would like Waon to be a place where everybody can feel at ease and meet others regardless of border or nationality. With that in mind, we’ve added English and French versions to our site.