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Is there internet connection?

Yes. Free Wi-Fi is available. We will let you know the password after your arrival.

What should I do with my valuables? Are there lockers?

There are no lockers. So please manage your valuables by yourself.

Do you have a place to eat?

There is are no set rules, but we would appreciate it if you use the dining table and living room in the free kitchen space and refrain from eating in the bedroom.

There is a shared kitchen, but do you provide food?

In principle, the shared kitchen is self-service. We do not provide any breakfast or dinner.
You can bring in your own ingredients and cook it in the shared kitchen for a fee that includes utilities and seasoning (please refer to this page for details)
Occasionally we hold events accompanied by food and drink to enjoy the blessings of nature and the rural life. See information on workshops and events.

Is there a parking available?

Yes, there is free private parking outside Waon. There are two parking spaces along the road opposite Waon. There is also a second parking space in front of the adjacent cafe.

I would like my child to experience summer vacation in the countryside…

We recommend river play. There is a shallow river across the road where even small children can play safely. We also recommend the clear waters of the Jaishi (Snake Stone) Camping Ground in the back of the district. How about splitting watermelon in a vacant area along the bank? You can also experience harvesting vegetables in L’Atelier Waon’s field. Please feel free to ask!

Is there a recommended restaurant nearby?

Yes. For lunch, there are three restaurants and cafes in the district. Next to L’Atelier Waon is Azukabo, a macrobiotic farmer’s house. Fukunekoya, an organic café at the back of the district, and Hinabokko next to the Kayabuki no Yakata a thatched-roofed facility. We also recommend the Iwakagami Soba noodle shop inside the Kayabuki no Yakata. (Please refer to this page for details)

Is there a hot spring nearby?

Yes, In Tatsuno town, Tatsuno Park Hotel and the hot spring center are within 15-minute drive.
In addition, there is a spa in the Kayabuki no Yakata thatched-roofed facility where they have a popular seasonal herbed bath.

Does it get cold in L’Atelier Waon?

There is a wood stove in the living room of the common space and an oil fan heater in the guest room.
If necessary, a hot water bottle is also available. If you warm the room too much, it will dry out and that can cause a sore throat. So, it would be wise to use the heater in moderation and adjust to the temperature of the season.

Does it get hot in L’Atelier Waon?

We don’t have air-conditioning. The ground floor guest rooms and common area are cool. In Shinshu, the air in the morning and evening tends to cool down. Just be aware though that if you open the windows you can hear the cries of frogs!

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