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Owner Mikako

Atelier Waon’s owner, pun expert and artist number two.
Mikako lived in Tokyo, Aichi, and Kansai. She was self-employed, a yoga teacher, and a housewife. Inspired by her son Daigo’s creative activities, she started creating collages using Japanese paper.Together with her son, they won multiple prizes at national public exhibitions.
Mikako has two daughters over the age of twenty. They are very close to each other and they’re more like friends rather than mother and daughters.
She has a positive mental approach for dealing with things. Her favourite word is “thank you”. She also has a fondness for Japanese puns.

Manager Tomomi

Atelier Waon’s manager. You can rely on her for running things smoothly.
Born in Tokyo and educated in the natural world. She learned miso making and plum pickling at home.
At the age of 10, she went to Kouchi to study in a mountain village. She also studied languages in Canada in her college days, so she can speak English. She talks very fast.
She worked at a hotel in Tokyo but realized she didn’t like commuting on crowded trains and racing with time every day. She’s been moving around farms in Japan and abroad ever since.
In recent years, she was a babysitter in a bakery. She also lent a hand for the opening of the café next door. She stayed in farms in France and Italy, so she has a fondness for western vegetables.
She started learning calligraphy at the age of 8. She is running Calligraphy classes in Waon. Could she be our third artist?

Artist Daigo

Atelier Waon’s No.1 artist. And in charge of enlightenment.
He loves watching youtube, being creative and eating. He has a friendly personality and has a habit of following people around the house.
Inspired by what he saw and experienced, he is a true expressionist who has been drawn to the canvas since he was two years old.
It is nice to hear positive comments from guests about Daigo’s relaxed attitude and praise for his art.
As an artist, he has won numerous national exhibition awards, he also exhibited his work overseas. He’s showing a level of creativity beyond his years.

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