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We converted a Japanese house into a guest house.
It is a comfortable place where you can feel at home.

The guest house Atelier Waon is located in a part of the building where the owner family and the manager live.
It’s a converted old house dating back to the Showa era.
It has a feel of old Japan, with a cosy and pleasant setting where you can relax completely.

About Accommodation

Japanese-style rooms (Two 8 Tatami mats rooms, one 7 tatami mats room) are available.
Please consult us regarding the use of private rooms.
Co-sleeping children are free of charge.
Children using a futon will be charged the same rate as one person.

*The fee will change during special periods such as Golden Week holidays, Obon, Firefly Festival, year end and new year. Please check the reservation status calendar.

Overnight Stay

4,000 yen per night per person(meals not included)

When there are many guests, they are divided into two separate shared rooms according to gender. The price does not change. We kindly ask you to be mindful of others while sharing rooms.
The guest room has Japanese-style rooms that are partitioned by traditional sliding doors (Fusuma or Shoji). Please bear in mind that there are no air-conditioning or soundproofing facilities like inns and hotels.

Use of equipment and facilities

In case you don’t have the necessary equipment for your stay, you can use Atelier Waon’s products and equipment at the following rate.
We also rent BBQ sets for customers who want to enjoy a barbecue in nature.



200 yen (purchase price)


200 yen (We will lend you 1 bath towel and 1 face towel)


1 set 2,000 yen including charcoal for 4-5 people
*if you wish to rent, please make a reservation in advance



Soap, shampoo, conditioner and hairdryer are available for free


200 yen / detergent included (you can use the veranda in the private space for drying. There is also a laundry rack in the room)


Free private parking is available. The first parking lot along the road opposite Waon has two spaces. There is also a second parking lot in front of the café next door.

Lights-out Time

When sharing a room, we set the lights-out time to 10:00 pm to give a chance to people who wish to go to bed early to rest. Those who wish to stay a bit late are welcome to use the common space quietly.

About Long Stay

If you wish to stay longer, please contact us for a discount. We welcome long-term stay for all kinds of creative activities as well as rural living experiences.

About Entrance Closing Time

The entrance is locked at 10:00 pm. If you wish to go outdoors after that, please note that you are responsible for using a key.
In case you are returning late to the guest house, please let a member of staff know in advance.

Valuables Management

This guesthouse is a renovated home. Where its Japanese-style rooms are separated by sliding doors and shoji screens and therefore cannot be locked.
Also, there are no lockers for valuables. Please note that you are responsible for managing your valuables.

Check-in and Check-out

Check-in time: 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm (please contact us if you arrive outside these times)
Check-out time: 10:00 am

Use of the Shared Kitchen

There is a shared kitchen at Waon that you can use. You can also bring in food and ingredients for cooking.
* There is no microwave oven, so if you need to warm up or defrost food, please use the kitchen utensils.


Guest refrigerator / Toaster Oven / Electric kettle / Steamer / Frying pan / Hot pot / Stove / Rice cooker / We offer a wide selection of bowls and other items
necessary for cooking.

Shared Kitchen Usage Fee

In the event of using the shared kitchen, the following usage fee will be charged for utilities and seasoning. The following is the rate per group for two meals per one-night stay, depending on the number of people (children in primary school and above).

1-3 people

500 yen per night

4-6 people

800 yen per night

Over 7 people

1,000 yen per night

List of condiments that can be used in the kitchen

We provide a wide selection of cookware and tableware. Many types to condiments are also available in Waon. You can freely use any of the condiments available in the kitchen, not just the ones in the list. We try to incorporate additive-free and chemical-free seasonings, as well as dried and other processed foods grown without pesticides and chemical-free fertilizers. Please feel free to speak to us if you are not sure how to use the condiments provided.


Unrefined brown sugar, sugarcane, beet sugar


Natural sea salt and natural rock salt


Japanese Sake, red wine


Brown rice vinegar, grain vinegar, rice vinegar, apple vinegar, balsamic

Mirin (Sweet Japanese Sake vinegar)

Pure brew mirin

Soy sauce

Additive-free soy sauce


Black pepper and herbs

Soup stock

Kelp, dried shiitake, additive-free stock


Atelier Waon homemade Shinshu miso


Mayonnaise, ketchup

Fresh Local Ingredients for Cooking

If you wish, you can cook fresh ingredients harvested locally.Pesticide-free vegetables grown in Waon fields, seasonal vegetables from Hadano-cho, rice and flour from Nagano Prefecture, and ingredients purchased from local natural food stores. Please purchase seasonal vegetables and ingredients available on the day in Atelier Waon.

* We also provide banquet and rental space. Please contact us for more information.
* All prices shown include tax.
* Please note that rates and services are subject to change without notice.